We’re the solution to your issues. His memory issues only make this worse since he can by no means be utterly certain what is real. With an ultimate shout asking for any reply at all, the music stopped enjoying, and Ranboo was able to edit the primary page of his memory guide, which he’d been unable to do before. Rainbow’s quick-time period reminiscence and lack of capability to handle peer pressure signifies that he can usually be manipulated to tell the reality, even in instances that might hurt a few of his associates. He additionally talks to himself in a second particular person to calm himself down but can get carried away doing this. In response to Ranboo himself, his character’s D&D alignment can be anywhere and is completely dependent on his psychological stability.

When Tommy was revived and let out of the prison, Ranboo was glad to see him again, albeit confused. Techno and Tommy then joked in the Minecraft chat that it was canon. Tommy then defined how Dream had used the revival e-book to carry Wilbur back to life. Wilbur went on to steal from Las Nevadas and gather sources, asking Ranboo about the new nations of the server (Snowchester, Kinoko Kingdom). On July 25, 2021, Wilbur got here up with the concept of making his own burger business and sought out somebody to assist him with the undertaking. Rainbow mentioned on January 26, 2021, that he wished to make an underwater city sooner or later in the future, foreshadowing the creation of Mizu.

He additionally briefly talked about an e-book where he records notes from his experiments. He considered all the secrets the book held, Ranboo Merch together with the placement of Technoblade’s base, the truth that Ranboo gave his armor back to him, and that he knew all along that Tommy was alive and with Techno. In the course of the battle towards Technoblade, Rainbow didn’t cost in the direction of him, as a substitute taking a defensive place. Upon becoming a member of Dream SMP, Ranboo was jokingly killed by Dream. He additionally generally struggles to accept things he is completed (usually the methods he’s helped Dream in his enderwalk state, or methods he is supposedly betrayed his mates), as a substitute selecting to disregard them and deny they ever happened, which results in the endangerment of those around him.

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