In this manner, if you are at the beginning of a lesson and need to consult this Help web page, you may click on the PlaneMath Home Web page button and click on the help button. In addition, the home web page for every lesson and all other pages have a button that takes you again to the PlaneMath residence web page. Within the right upper corner of each lesson, the page is the name of that lesson. Clicking on this identity takes you again to the home page of the lesson. 6. Generally, when I am in the course of a lesson, I would like to go back to the home web page for that lesson without finishing the lesson.

If you want to see a graphic, click on on togel the circle-sq.-triangle icon and the graphic will load. If you wish to be sure that “Auto Load Images” is at all times turned off, select “Save Options” from the Options menu. In Netscape, pull down the Choices menu and ensure there isn’t a checkmark next to “Auto Load Pictures.” If there is a checkmark, select “Auto Load Photos,” and the checkmark will probably be gone the subsequent time you pull down the Options menu. With photos turned off, all graphics will appear as a small icon with a circle, a square, and a triangle. When “Auto Load Pictures” is turned off, any ALT textual content seems like a label or a graphic description to the fast right of the circle-square-triangle icon.

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