Combat medics are highly regarded in the Army because they are on the front lines saving lives. Army medics also serve as an aid to doctors, offering shots and medicine, preparing blood samples for lab testing, taking vital signs, and managing medical records. Since medical personnel is likely to be working in stressful conditions, combat medics must prove they can carry out their tasks amid combat. What are the main responsibilities of a medic who provides medical care to soldiers on the field? When all this training is completed, what’s it like to be an Army medic?

The life of an Army medic is as difficult as another soldier on the field. Schutz, Pfc. Samantha. The face of Defense: Combat Medic Places First Mission. American Forces Press Service. How Army medic training goes beyond basic medical training. While soldiers fight in battle, combat medics dress gunshot or stabbing wounds using tourniquets, providing basic medical treatment to wounded troops. Basic Emergency Medical Treatment EMT, similar to the education for a physician’s assistant or medical assistant, is part of the course. In any emergency medical situation, early intervention can make a big difference. To ensure the safe evacuation of wounded patients, combat medics must ensure that their ambulances and trucks are safe.

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