Vape pens are the best devices to inhale CBD oil. This vape pen has several parts. You need to understand their use and the right way to use the device efficiently. There are several types of vape pens available in the market. Choosing the right one requires you to consider a few important things.

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This article will serve as a guide to understand vaporizers and ways to select the best one for your needs.

Why Vaping Is Superior to Other Methods of CBD Ingestion?

When you consume any substance orally, it has to be metabolized in several steps by your digestive system. In this process, some amount of CBD is lost at each step. However, when you use vape CBD, the compound fills your lungs and gets instantly dispersed in the blood.

In this way, there is no loss in the chemical compound. Due to this reason, vaping has 40% more bioavailability rates when compared to oral ingestion that provides only 20%. bioavailability

Another important reason to use CBD vape is that it produces quick results when compared with other methods. It reaches the blood faster, and target organs using the same speed. This is beneficial in case of painful and stressful situations when you can’t wait for the capsules to take effect.

Factors to consider when selecting a CBD Vape Pen

If you are in the market to buy a CBD Vape Pen, ensure you assess available devices on all the below parameters.

Temperature Control

Temperature is the first important consideration when buying a CBD Vape Pen. Choose a small-sized CBD vaporizer pen that doesn’t heat beyond 160 degrees. This ensures that your CBD doesn’t burn or get very hot.


CBD vaporizers are available in varying sizes, and shapes. You can find them in either small pen-style vaporizer or a massive box mod vaporizer that would not fit inside an average pocket. Look for a vape pen that is portable and easy to take along with you anywhere. Such smaller-sized CBD offers great convenience to its users.

Refill feature

Some vape pens are refillable while others are not. Those that offer this feature comes with a refillable pod or tank. There is also another type that can be used only once and can’t be refilled. Based on your frequency of use, you can choose between a refillable and non-refillable vape pen. 

Battery Life

Different CBD vaporizers come with different batteries. Some have long-lasting batteries that can last for several hours while others last for an only shorter duration. If you need to carry the vape pen to the workplace, then opt for the one that provides a long battery life.


Of all the other types of CBD products, the vape pen gives the most instant results to the user. To reap maximum CBD vaping benefits, you should ensure to use only superior quality, lab-tested, and organically cultivated CBD.

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