Do not know what to give to that future mom, who is also your special friend, or perhaps a sister or an employee? Well, for all those babies that are about to be born, we have made this selection of gifts with fashion and accessories ideal for this summer season. There are many original gift options that also combine the classic and the big brands. Vanilla gift card is itself a brand and one vanilla balance check as a classy one indeed.

Baby Dinnerware: It is a very original gift. You don’t always think about this gift to make the future baby. By the time the first meals arrive, you have all the utensils in this cute dinnerware. It also comes in a practical briefcase to move it or keep it organized and that you can then reuse to store a toy or little things for the baby.

Happy Vintage:  This is also another gift that besides being beautiful is very practical. It has a very careful and delicate presentation, in a vintage style box with ornamentation. Includes a set of 3 hangers lined in floral print fabric and a large zippered toiletry bag. The toiletry bag can be carried in the baby’s bag or even in the mother’s bag and thus have the baby’s things organized.

Original gifts that are remembered with the heart

Memories Essential Vintage Box: This could be a gift to remember a lifetime. In addition to its exclusive presentation, it contains a doudou one vanilla balance check that can become the baby’s first companion. The Set of Footprints Heart, is another original gift that will serve to engrave the footprints or little hands of the baby. Moments that can be relived or felt again thanks to these original accessories.

Essential Baby Spa Basket: In this basket you will find delicate accessories after the bath. Includes a set of 3 towels, a diaper bag, a bib and cute pajamas with stars motifs. All accompanied by a teddy bear to accompany the baby.

Marine Layette: All the style, quality and comfort of the brand. In this basket you will find ideal clothes to enjoy free time and walks with Mom and Dad. This gift includes Socks Set. A matching Cap. Teddy bear in white color and all presented in a vintage style box.

Elegance Girl Layette: And if it is a gift for the little princess of the house, this beautiful look from the baby collection. Includes a matching dress and frog set. Dress with armhole, round neck and matching frog. Beanie also matching with a small gold button. Bib and a sweet teddy bear. It is also presented in a delicate vintage style bonbonniere.

Serenity Basket: And to finish this selection of summer gifts, here this basket is presented from the Baby collection. Casual style and perfect for baby’s day to day. Includes an Armani Baby Polo Suitand a Baby Pacifier from the Armani Baby collection.  Also in an exclusive presentation in a vintage style box.

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